As we embarked on this journey we had many questions, we still do, each day grows new adventures. Here is our story!

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October Update

Hi all, its time for an update on the VanBeukering family. On the adoption front there has been no movement. We speak with our coordinator about every 8-12 weeks but we just continue with the waiting game. Due to COVID the number of available adoptions has been low but the number of adoptive families hasContinue reading “October Update”

Oh What A Life

We are way overdue for an update but life has been a bit chaotic and surreal the last couple months. The delay in post is purposeful, you see, I found out that I was pregnant when I went in for hand surgery back in June. As you may be able to imagine, I didn’t reallyContinue reading “Oh What A Life”

Four Months

They say no news is good news, but when it comes to adoption, no news is difficult news. It means that there is no match. This doesn’t mean that there is nobody looking, or that no interest has peaked as selecting our family for a match. It simply means no match has yet been made.Continue reading “Four Months”

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