Welcome to our Journey

Many of you may have started on our about us page, if you did you have a good short story backdrop as to how we are where we are. Yes, we are somewhat here because we didn’t get pregnant. But, well before we were even married adoption was part of the conversation. We both have always felt that this is such an important task in society and we could not be more grateful for where we are in our plan today. We both have friends and relatives who are adopted and have adopted, the difference in their lives that it has made is remarkable. We believe that God has a plan, that we are actively working in this plan.

Adoption was not an easy thing for us.

I have adored kids my entire life, I dreamt of having tons of kids. I remember when I was young my grandma telling me I would have 8 children when I was older. Kids excite me, they give me purpose and so much joy. I love to teach but I also love to learn and the way children look at life and what they teach us as adults is irreplaceable.

I dreamt of being pregnant and having the entire motherly experience. I even hoped that some day, if I knew someone struggling to have a baby that I could offer to carry a baby for them. That I could be that angel to someone. Ultimately, I am, I am an angel to the baby that is coming into this world without a biological family. This isn’t what I had planned, but we believe it is exactly what God had planned. We are giving that baby a life, a family and a future. We are going to give it more love than it could ever have dreamed of. We are going to give the child cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, an education, experiences and so much more. This baby, that someone else is carrying, will be our baby, our family and part of our life.

I am extremely lucky to have the sweetest, most loving and caring step-son. He has taught me so much about life and love. This is not at all about him not being enough, it’s about us growing and making a difference in not only our lives but in the life of another child. We have so much love to give and are excited to share this with him, her, them, whatever it may ultimately end up being.

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