All Booked Up

As you may know, I am a bit of a neat freak. I am extremely organized, everything has a place and I prefer it also have a schedule. With the adoption requiring such a large financial commitment we have been saving where we can, selling items we no longer use or wear, creating an Etsy store and picking up odd and end projects wherever we can. Unfortunately, so far we haven’t sold a thing on Etsy and the odd and end jobs are pretty minimal, partially thanks to COVID. We have been blessed to have donations continue to come in and we greatly appreciate the help anywhere we can get it. This dream becomes more and more real every day and we could not be more excited.

In order to feel like we are doing absolutely everything we can to prepare and support this baby I have picked up a part time job. It’s really a win for me in so many ways. Though I love working from home and spending this time with my family I have felt this urge to work with horses again for the past several months. I don’t know if it was God telling me I needed them or what, but I have taken on a part time position at a beautiful facility.

There is something about these beautiful creatures that provides such good, clean mental health time. I work my butt off but couldn’t ask for better creatures to keep me company all day. Not only do I get to spend so much time with horses again, the dark skies that turn into beautiful, sunrises are irreplaceable. I am so thankful that my body has adapted to the change, I cannot explain how hard the work is on a farm this size. The heat here is out of this world and is a struggle, my allergies have been handling the adjustment relatively well but I pray for cooler weather ahead to make this job a bit less of a strain on my body.

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