Four Months

They say no news is good news, but when it comes to adoption, no news is difficult news. It means that there is no match. This doesn’t mean that there is nobody looking, or that no interest has peaked as selecting our family for a match. It simply means no match has yet been made.

We had a call with the agency a few weeks back, it was a bittersweet call because the reality sank in a little deeper. The typical wait time is 4-13 months for a match, and as we all know 2020-2021 has been nothing but typical. On one hand abortion services weren’t available to many mothers whom may have selected that option. But on the other hand, the world shut down, so the rate of unwanted/unexpected pregnancy could also be lower. We have to continue to put this in God’s hands and know when the time is right we will be ready.

On another update, exactly 18 weeks after my rib fracture, I had been back to work at the barn for 3 weeks. I could not have been happier to be back there with the beautiful people and animals part of my week. The work is hard and never-ending but it makes me light up with joy. Unfortunately, last Wednesday I had a complete freak accident. A horse I was working with pulled off the cross ties, when the tie finally broke loose, the clasp came back to hit my hand with extreme force. Initially I thought my hand was just sore from the blow but I also had a small laceration. I opted to go to the med center for antibiotics and to ensure no sutures were needed. This is where they performed an X-ray and discovered I broke my hand. And not just a simple break that could be reset, a break that would require placement of a plate an 6 screws just a few hours later.

Not to worry, today I am one week out of surgery and healing well. I am not yet sure what the true recovery time is, but am so grateful for those who have supported me and given me words of encouragement from such an unexpected turn of events. I have adapted quite well to left handed life. As many of you can imagine I am stubborn and do absolutely everything I can without accepting help. Although, if you happen to be expecting a hand written note from me in the near future though, brace yourself.

We know that God has a plan for each of us and for one reason or another this is exactly where we belong today. We are looking forward to our lives going back to some form of normalcy this summer, the opportunity to see family and friends, to travel, and enjoy God’s gifts.

Don’t forget our Etsy store where proceeds benefit our adoption:

Also, our GoFundMe page is still active and we have quite a ways to go to reach our goal:

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