Oh What A Life

We are way overdue for an update but life has been a bit chaotic and surreal the last couple months. The delay in post is purposeful, you see, I found out that I was pregnant when I went in for hand surgery back in June. As you may be able to imagine, I didn’t really believe it was true. When you try for years with no success, you see doctors and have surgeries with no success and are told we likely just flat out can’t get pregnant. Finding out such information at midnight in a hospital bed when prepping for an unexpected surgery is about the last thing you expect. So much so that I didn’t tell even Jason until after I had an appointment with my doctor, 3 weeks later. Even at that point it felt completely surreal.

Meet baby boy VanBeukering, scheduled to arrive February 2022!

We have taken our time to share the news with our closest family and friends. We have allowed time to let ourselves process this miracle and enjoy the experience. But now it’s time to share in our excitement. We are officially halfway there, I am starting to feel (and look) a bit more pregnant and the feeling of surreal is finally turning into pure joy and excitement.

Our adoption is still in full swing, we are still an active family and will keep our status open until I can no longer fly. God has a plan for us, we do not get to decide the timeline or even always understand the purpose but we are confident in the plan and look forward to our next adventures!

We are still working to finish funding our adoption experience and can still use help if you are able. Our lives are about to change dramatically, and could be changing in the form of two little ones joining us within a few short months of each other. We go between feeling like we are completely nuts to keep the adoption open right up until the wire to feeling excitement and joy that we could have two children grow up so closely together. If we do not have a placement prior to putting adoption on hold we will be able to re-open the status after we are cleared to travel after delivery!

I hope that I have answered any questions that you may have surrounding this last couple months, but if you have questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Our GoFundMe is still active so if you are able we appreciate all the help we have received and continue to receive along the way.

We are still selling our handmade goods for a cause on our Etsy store and will keep it active until its all gone!

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