October Update

Hi all, its time for an update on the VanBeukering family.

On the adoption front there has been no movement. We speak with our coordinator about every 8-12 weeks but we just continue with the waiting game. Due to COVID the number of available adoptions has been low but the number of adoptive families has been high. In a typical situation the wait is 4-13 months but up to two years. With the pandemic playing a part there really is no magic number so we continue to be patient. We are confident there is a plan for our growing family and look forward to learning how this all unfolds!

Baby boy VanBeukering is growing rapidly and moving like crazy. We have reached the 24 week mark where he has more room to party in my belly and seems to be enjoying it. Our latest OB appointment went just as planned and we are both strong and healthy.

This past week I met with the surgeon for my still broken hand and decided that surgery was the best course at this point. I underwent that surgery on Tuesday and am on the road to recovery. Because of the pregnancy I chose not to have sedation to best protect baby, so I was awake through the entire, nearly four hour procedure.

In brief they started by doing a nerve block in my shoulder to numb my arm, then proceeded to do a spinal block to numb my pelvis and legs. The surgeon took a piece of my pelvis to create bone for a graft for my hand. (This was one of the most disturbing parts of the surgery as they literally use a hammer and chisel to remove the bone.) They then cut the existing scar out of my hand exposing the unhealed bone and failed plate. The plate and screws were removed, the bone was scraped to expose only fresh and healthy tissue then the graft was placed. A new plate was put in that is twice the length of the first plate and secured with screws. I was very fortunate to be able to withstand the procedure without medication or sedation. Baby and I checked out well and are on the mend.

As many of you are aware I am not a fan of photos of myself, I have been tracking with weekly photos but have not posted any. Though not the most charming photo it should put you all to ease that I am indeed showing, baby is indeed growing and we are excited for this journey!

24 Weeks

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