Its been a year

It has been one ear since I last posted. And what a year it has been. We were blessed to welcome our sweet Parker Thomas in February. He is a healthy and happy boy and we are overjoyed every day for the gift God has given us.

Due to travel restrictions while pregnant our adoption had to be put on hold the first week of January. In April we decided it was time to put our adoption back on. We proceeded with the home study and necessary documentation and our adoption was set back live in August. Parker is keeping us on our toes every day advancing and learning. If Parker is the plan that God has for us and the end of our baby journey were to end here we would be happy. But we felt that God had called us to adopt, so we are continuing on this path. We put our faith in God and he answered prayer with Parker. We believe that he will tell us what our next step is and right now, that is continuing on our adoption journey. We are terrified financially as we are a long way from reaching our goal to fund our adoption. But everyone who has faith understands that we just need to put our faith on the line and the ends will meet when they are supposed to.

A little bit more about Parker, he has had tons of exciting firsts. Parkers first flight was to Chicago in May where Grandma and Grandpa got to be his first babysitter while we took Tyler to a Coldplay concert at Soldier Field (13th birthday gift). We visited family in Michigan in July and were finally able to celebrate his birth with close family and friends. He went to his first concert where we saw One Republic and he was a total baby rockstar! He is eating purees and loving them (except broccoli), he is munching on fruits in a silicone feeder (mango is his favorite). He is one determined and opinionated baby, learning to crawl this weekend while we were hunkered down for his first hurricane, Ian. But as strong willed as he is, he is also the easiest baby to get a big smile out of and is so sweet and loving.

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