Sometimes there isn’t anything much to say

The virus has set up several road blocks on our journey. Though these are always difficult to overcome it has allowed us additional time and perspective. As the virus has continued to change our lives it was difficult to move forward with our process. Especially during this time we started to feel that maybe theContinue reading “Sometimes there isn’t anything much to say”

Tough Times, Scary Times

Our journey, as you may expect has taken some unexpected turns. This in no way means that we are not still on the journey. In fact, this time has made us even more excited to welcome another child into our home. Things have changed around us in literally about every way possible. Back in MarchContinue reading “Tough Times, Scary Times”

What to say or not to say

The question of ‘When are you guys going to have kids?’ or a version of that can be very difficult for a couple. For us, the first year or so it wasn’t so bad, but it became a dreaded, painful question. People knew we wanted more kids, so after a couple years that question seemedContinue reading “What to say or not to say”